Death of Flowers Cempaka
Sumasno Hadi

Young cempaka gush of grief
no longer ylang and frangipani
cempaka grown from the highest family
flowers heaven today
fresh flowers and withered
dead ends dries
interest story settles
The vast bosom

before the turn of this skeptical face, this stagnant era
a very long journey to tell his twists
the scents pistil chrysolite
memories and frangipani submit a deposit
honor feeling countrymen, garden
no soft fragrance
hurtle in between jokes and laughter innocence
anyone following the scents of flowers
be time

I was struck time
be alive and childbirth
ripe fragrant flowers flawless goddess
oh, this is still Area devotion
task in glory
garden juice of life
there was silence and quiet vacuum
small animals at night entertaining park
void train of thought has come
somehow, you're left shows a sharp bend
to the state of feeling of togetherness

feeling the grass around the park
not hard imperious mountains
just across the park
astride the eruption
not interfere
in the house occupants raptures
aloof beauty of the park
cempaka falling
convey the glory
on ylang and frangipani
cempaka dead in the park

(Yogyakarta, December 22, 2010)
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