With Tool display Board Number Student Could Increase Learning Mathematics With Theory Operation Count Number Round


This classroom action research aims to improve students' understanding of learning mathematics with integer arithmetic operations. Held at SDN No 001 North Sebatik in the academic year 2017. In general, students do not like mathematics because it requires a high level of concentration. Other influencing factors include lack of parental attention, the sophistication of information technology in all fields that make them prefer to play games on the internet. The object of this research is class VI students, totaling 29 people. Students have difficulty in understanding the material above, with a score below the KKM 8 students, with a presentation of 27.5%. The teacher uses the Number Board Praga in groups, it appears that the increase in student understanding increases, so that the score below the KKM is only 5 students, with a percentage of 17%. With the addition of teaching aids for each individual, one tool, classical re-learning, the student's understanding increases drastically, the score below the KKM remains 2 with a percentage of 6.8%, the score is dominated by numbers 70 to 90 and some even get 100 even though only 2 people. The results showed an increase in students' understanding of integer arithmetic operations. Thus, the Number Board is a suitable teaching aid for learning mathematics with integer arithmetic operations.

Keywords: Understanding, work in a group, number board props


A. Background of the problem

The modern world today cannot be separated from the sophistication of information technology in all fields, For example, television shows interesting things for children. Apart from that, mobile phones that contain fun games for children, as well as free internet cafes provide opportunities for children to play games. Of my 29 students, when asked who didn't study last night, almost all of them raised their hands. But when asked who likes to play games, So almost everyone raises their hand. Thus the willingness to learn is reduced. So that it affects the level of concentration of children when he is following learning in class.

Mathematics is one of the sciences that must be possessed by children because from it children can acquire numeracy skills and behave in their daily lives. To improve children's concentration and understanding in participating in teaching and learning activities, the teacher seeks to make teaching aids that are suitable for students' lives in an environment close to the market, so that the effect on students' interest in learning at home is reduced because some students mostly help their parents trade. To increase students' interest in mathematics, the teacher chooses to use a number board in learning mathematics about integer arithmetic operations.

B. Identification of problems

1. Children do not understand mathematics lessons with whole number arithmetic operations.

2. Attention does not focus when learning takes place

3. There are some students talking alone

C. Formulation of the problem

By using the number board visual aid, it can improve students' understanding of mathematics lessons with the material for counting operations on integers for class VI in the academic year 2017 at SDN 001 North Sebatik.

D. Learning Improvement Research Objectives

In accordance with the questions above, the goal to be achieved by the researcher is to increase students' understanding in working on mathematical problems regarding integer arithmetic operations using props in the form of a number board.

E. Benefits of Learning Improvement Research

1. For students, this research is useful to improve students' understanding of learning mathematics.

2. For teachers as researchers to improve professionalism and encourage researchers to carry out similar research.

3. For peer teachers to provide motivation and learning references by using models of teaching aids that are easy to make.

4. The existence of teachers conducting classroom action research in their respective classes will result in positive and quality changes.

5. For schools, research results can contribute ideas and information materials for schools in order to improve learning in schools in particular and other schools in general.

6. For the education office, it can be used as material for consideration and study material in curriculum development and programs to improve the quality of learning at a wider level.


A. Characteristics of Mathematics Lessons

As a knowledge, Mathematics has special characteristics, including abstract, deductive,  consistent,  hierarchical, and logical. Object mathematics is basically abstract, namely facts, draft, operation, and principle. Characteristics of mathematical abstraction along with other characteristics that are not simple, cause mathematics is not easy to learn, and in the end, many students are less interested in mathematics. Thus there is a need for a way so that mathematics is an interesting lesson, fun, and easier to understand.

B. Characteristics of elementary school students in learning mathematics

Elementary school students are in the age range from 7 to 12 years, At this stage, students are still thinking in the concrete operational phase. The ability that appears in this phase is the ability in the thought process to operate the rules of logic, although it is still tied to a concrete object.

In order for mathematics teaching to be interesting for students, Then a teacher starts with a challenging question, or with a game, or with a simulation.

C. The method used in mathematics lessons

Using suitable methods in teaching mathematics such as the cooperative learning model, Cooperatives encourage students to interact actively and positively in groups, then the lecture method, simulation or question, and answer

By choosing one method that is suitable for learning mathematics with integer arithmetic operations material, it is hoped that there will be an increase in students' understanding of the material

D. Props that are suitable for learning math operations counting integers.

To assist students in learning mathematics with integer arithmetic operations, There are several media (props) that can be used including ruler count, This tool can be made yourself from cardboard.

The ruler that will be used consists of two rulers with the same scale and consists of negative integers, zero, and positive integers. Example of using a ruler to add integers: 8 + (-3) =..........

Pair the number 8 on the bottom bar with the number 0 on the top bar, then look at the number -3 on the top rule it turns out to be paired with the number 5 on the bottom rule, so 8 + (-3) = 5

E. Student learning outcomes

Learning achievement is obtained from student learning outcomes which are measured using an evaluation tool which is usually called a learning achievement test. Meanwhile, the mathematics learning achievement proposed by Hudoyo (Hudoyo, 1990), is a description of the level of student mastery in mathematics learning achievement as seen in the scores obtained from the mathematics learning achievement test. Therefore, learning achievement can be achieved through a teaching and learning process that involves students and teachers.

To see the extent to which a person's learning outcomes and teacher's teaching success are required information that is supported by objective and adequate data about indicators of changes in behavior/behavior and personal behavior of students.


A. Place and Time of Implementation

The improvement of learning was carried out in class V1 of SDN 00 1 North Sebatik. Mathematics subject from 15 May to 24 May of 2017.

The improvement learning schedule is as follows :

a. May 15, 2017, Maths subject 

b. May 24, 2017, Maths subject

B. Description

The first thing I did was to try to improve student learning outcomes with the subject of integer arithmetic operations. First, we identified the reasons why student learning outcomes in class V1 were unsatisfactory. The plans that we developed to improve student learning outcomes were using number line visual aids. We have made various improvements in the KBM from careful planning, to preparing materials that support learning in order to improve children's understanding. So that the results obtained by students have increased. After finishing the lesson, I did a reflection in order to prepare better student learning outcomes. The planning that I prepared from the RPP was more emphasized on improving the teaching aids, then in its implementation with discussion and group work so that students who do not understand can ask friends the group.

1. Planning

The planning taken is knowing or paying attention to the situation/situation in the classroom, arranging student seats so that they are calm and orderly, approaching students who are slow in completing practice questions, using varied examples so that students are interested, using real materials, using props appropriate to be understood by students, giving assignments to students to come forward to report the results of their discussions, in turn, providing guidance to students who do not understand, and giving homework as an exercise.

2. Implementation Procedure

In carrying out the improvement of mathematics learning, the theme of the main topic of arithmetic operations is integers in collaboration with colleagues to observe the teaching and learning process from beginning to end. Then the author and colleagues plan an improvement that is considered necessary.


A. Results

After conducting an assessment of the acquisition of students' scores on learning improvement, it showed an increase in the acquisition of scores. This increase is in the form of an increase in individual value acquisition as well as an increase in overall value improvement.

B. Description of Findings and Reflections

After repairs are made, the value of in children increases the score below the KKM is only 5 students with a percentage of 17 percent, the value of 60 is only 17 percent. It turned out to be dominated by a score of 70 which reached 45 percent. This is still unsatisfactory because there are still some students who do not understand the material. After the teacher made reflections and findings in the field, the obstacles that occurred were the lack of teaching aids, because it is only for groups, some children only see their friends working and some just play and talk or just join in.

C. Discussion

At the beginning of learning, there are 8 students with a percentage of 27.5 percent who do not reach the KKM. This is due to the use of boring learning tools so that students are bored and not interested in the lessons to be received. Then researchers make improvements to learning based on the problems that arise. Researchers made changes in the use of props from the number line replaced with the author's own invention, namely the number board. Students are enthusiastic when learning tools are displayed. The students looked enthusiastic and the students were happy to do the assignments given by the teacher. Based on the results of discussions with colleagues on the implementation of learning improvements carried out has increased. This is indicated by the presence of:

a. Increase in the value obtained by students

b. Reducing the number of students who are still below the KKM

c. In completing the practice questions faster than the time allotted.

Basically, a lot of improvement occurred in the classroom, but after the written test the teacher still found 5 students with a percentage of 17 percent who scored below the KKM. The success rate of using the number board in groups is still not effective. Therefore, the teacher and colleagues agreed to carry out cycle 2 on the day of Wednesday, 24 May 2019 7 . Teachers and colleagues try to revise the existing lesson plans in the core activity section. The teacher maximizes the preparation and presentation of teaching aids. Teaching aids are used as the main material for learning, so students can try the teaching aids given individually. Without realizing it, students are able to understand the material based on their own experience from trying a number board tool to solving questions about integer arithmetic operations.

Seeing the results of the improvement in learning, there was a very significant change, so I as a class VI teacher discussed with my colleagues. The result decided that there was no need to improve learning in cycle 3 because of the quality of the cycle the average class was 67.5 to 76 in cycle 2. Only 2 students out of 29 students did not reach the KKM. If the percentage of success using individual props in cycle 2 has reached 76 percent. Based on these data, improvements in cycle 3 were not carried out.


A. Conclusion

From the results of improved learning, the values obtained by students are quite varied. We can observe this through the experiences we experience during the learning process. These experiences include the lack of seriousness of students in participating in learning, environmental conditions near the market, and the work background of parents as traders, so that it affects students in participating in teaching and learning activities at school, due to the lack of parental attention to their children. unfavorable economy. These things affect the slow understanding of students when the teacher conveys the lesson. Therefore it can be concluded:

a. Students need individual guidance

b. Demanding perseverance in carrying out learning

c. The need for broad insight and knowledge about the condition of each student, as well as careful planning and good preparation before learning.

d. Demanding the teacher to deliver learning materials in a way that makes students feel interested and given the opportunity for students to carry out and express a problem encountered in learning with the guidance and direction of the teacher and given homework.

e. A significant increase from 29 children whose scores were below the KKM to 2 students, indicates that learning mathematics about adding integers has been understood together.

B. Suggestions And Follow Up

From the results of the research above, teachers are required to develop their abilities in various ways. For example, by reading a lot about the world of education or by gathering colleagues in the office to discuss various problems with students. Teachers are no longer allowed to feel prestige asking colleagues even though they are younger than them.

The government has provided various incentives and welfare for teachers, of course with the hope that more funds from the government can be used to develop their knowledge, maybe with lectures or seminars. In addition, the government hopes that our education world will be better and our younger generation will be ready as a baton in managing this nation and country. Let's compete to develop ourselves in various simple educational institutions such as in the KKG, This is an opportunity for the teacher to convey all the difficulties regarding learning activities in their respective schools.


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